All Natural Nails

I became a Manicurist in 1999 after 26 years in the Corporate arena.  A desire to be my own boss in a nurturing environment led me into the beauty industry.  

Natural nail care is vastly more appealing to me than exposure to harsh chemicals so I do not offer acrylic, gel or silk-wrapped nails.

My goals always include:

  • putting the customer first;
  • starting & finishing appointments on time;
  • providing gentle, thorough services in a calm, relaxed environment;
  • being a good communicator;
  • offering the highest standards of cleanliness & sanitation;
  • educating customers about proper home nail care;
  • doing the best job I can every time.  

You are my priority.  I ignore my phone during your appointments so you have my full attention.


Patricia C.
Concord, CA

If you are looking for 5 star best-in-class one-on-one service, I highly recommend Susan. She focusses on the end-user experience. Very clean, professional and relaxing. Best mani/padi ever!!!

Julie S.
Walnut Creek, CA

Susan provides the best of everything you want in nail pampering. She is professional, personable, and has the highest standards when it comes to service and hygiene. The quality of her work is consistently excellent. I feel lucky to have found her.

leslie R.
Walnut Creek, CA

Susan has pampered my feet through at least ten years of ballet and hiking. Every four weeks without fail I visit her immaculate salon knowing that my time with her will be soothing, and that my feet will be properly cared for. I was surprised to learn that she had established a consulting relationship with a local podiatrist to develop an awareness of healthful and appropriate nail and foot care for her clients. She takes conscientious to the limit!!